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    DPI41S Hygienic Diaphragm Seal High Temperature Liquid Pressure Transmitter

    Product Overview

    The ETbaissde DPI series of hygienic pressure and level transmitters are designed with a flat diaphragm seal in the design of the CIP/SIP (in-situ cleaning and in-situ sterilization) equipment. To ensure that there is no dead zone in the process connection, the measuring instrument can be easily and conveniently cleaned when the whole equipment is cleaned and sterilized. The flat diaphragm seal design is based on the hygienic equipment design guidelines in the EHEDG Code No. 8 According to the standard requirements, there is no dead zone on the measuring end, and the surface finish Ra<0.8um can meet the requirements of the cleaning process.

    ETbaissde DPI series hygienic diaphragm seal pressure and level transmitters first consider the process-connected diaphragm seal system in the structural design process, which is especially suitable for pressure and level measurement in sanitary applications. The DPI40 Sterile Chuck Diaphragm Seal is tested by EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Organization) and is ideal for hygienic applications.

    The installation and disassembly of the sterile clamp diaphragm seal is very simple. The special welded sleeve can be used to seal the container and the pipeline. It can provide users with easy-to-clean pressure measurement points and is suitable for CIP (in-situ cleaning). And SIP (in-situ sterilization) applications, high temperature type can reach 150 ° C without heat sink.