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    DPI600S batteries pressure transmitter

    Product Overview

    DPI600S batteries pressure transmitter board is pressure, temperature, temperature, pressure measuring terminal board. Adapter diffusion silicon sensor and PT100 temperature sensor. Integrated high sensitivity pressure, temperature detecting element, signal conditioning circuit has high precision, low power battery power management, rich in LCD display. Naturally strong anti-interference characteristics, is a pressure and temperature collection and transmission, according to the ideal of intelligent instruments. Suitable for oil field, water conservancy, LCD, using tap water industry.


    ●Using the latest microprocessor technology, batteries, ultra low power operation, the battery life of 2 to 5 years.

    ●Strong anti-interference characteristics, temperature characteristic is very good, working temperature range, 30-70 degrees.

    ●To do a separate temperature, pressure, voltage regulator integrated wireless battery power digital pressure gauge. Built-in alarm Settings and approved lights.

    ●The calibration curve fitting curve of temperature and pressure, the perfect present pressure and temperature characteristic, high stability.

    ●Achieve IP65 above high protection grade, suitable for outdoor occasion.

    ●Rich LCD display interface, display resolution can be adjusted, a power tips, percentage of dynamic display, temperature switch pressure display, communication network signal status display, battery power digital pressure gauge set number, serial number displayed.

    ●The perfect user calibration support, through the panel buttons, can realize the user recalibrate the battery power supply digital pressure gauge data, without any auxiliary equipment, multiple data protection, even setting error, also can restore the factory state.

    ●Through panel USB interface, can be arbitrarily set batteries digital pressure gauge working status and plant level calibration.

    ●Dynamic upgrade apps support USB, battery power supply digital pressure gauge upgrade, change agreement, change the function upgrade directly on the site, do not need to return to factory. Professional calibration set software support.

    ●The user scene buttons calibration function. Support user calibration secondary batteries digital pressure gauge.

    ●A variety of application software hardware support, data transmission solution, the client application software and hardware support.