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    DPI10S straight pressure transmitter

    Product Overview

    Chemical, petroleum, oil refining, thermal power, coking, iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical fertilizers, sewage treatment, paper making, turbine, heat supply center, tap water pipe network, textile, water treatment and other industries of gas, liquid liquid pressure, liquid level measurement.

    DPI10S adopts the working principle of the single crystal silicon pressure transmitter, the original measurement sensitive monocrystalline silicon micro sensor fusion in insulating base, measuring end welded 316 l elastic diaphragm, internal filling the silicone oil as medium, when the elastic membrane stress, elastic deformation of grinding trace put pressure on the silicone oil, oil filled cavity by elastic diaphragm pressure volume smaller, silicone oil pressure conduction on monocrystalline silicon sensor, monocrystalline silicon sensor changes the resistance of the bridge on the road, A linear output millivolt level signal, by amplifying circuit and microprocessor on the front of the sensor signal amplifier, linear correction, temperature compensation and zero adjustment, full calibration, data storage, A/D conversion, the output of A standard 4-20 ma signal, convenient and industrial process control receiving, DPI10S pressure transmitter in addition to the standard output signal, the ontology with A blue backlit LCD, greatly convenient for on-site operating personnel observe the pressure change of measured medium, pressure transmitter DPI10S provide A maintenance interface, under the condition of continuously open 24 VDC and series, can be used by testing end multimeter test transmitter quantities changed, greatly convenient instrument fault judgment and analysis of the instrument, the sensor through the long-term stable operation of the global 5 million.