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    DPI10C/W/D/J pressure, differential pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure transmitter

    Product Overview

    Gas, liquid, fluid medium measurement in chemical, petroleum, oil refining, thermal power, coking, steel, metallurgy, fertilizer, sewage treatment, papermaking, steam turbines, heating boilers, water pipe networks, textiles, machinery, air compressors, hydraulics . The first consideration of industrial instrumentation in the design and manufacturing process is the safety, reliability, stability and technological advancement of the product during its use. Each measuring instrument provided by ETbaissde can choose different measuring diaphragms according to different industrial requirements. The modular circuit design is convenient for instrument maintenance. The adjustment functions of the instrument are all isolated from the electronic cavity. The zero adjustment of the instrument is completed without opening the instrument sealing cover, the instrument configuration, the range migration function, the protection grade of the low copper high aluminum precision manufacturing shell reaches IP67, preventing oxidation of the shell and spraying on the surface of the casing. Epoxy resin protective layer.