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    DPI600S battery powered pressure transmitter

    Product Overview

    The DPI600S battery-powered pressure transmitter board is a pressure, temperature, temperature and pressure integrated measurement terminal board. Fit the diffused silicon sensor and PT100 temperature sensor. Integrated high sensitivity pressure, temperature sensing components, high-precision signal conditioning circuit, low-power battery power management, and a rich LCD display interface. Naturally strong anti-interference characteristics, it is an ideal intelligent instrument for pressure, temperature acquisition, transmission and display. Suitable for oilfield, water conservancy, liquid crystal, tap water industry.


    ●Using the latest microprocessor technology, battery-powered, ultra-low power operation, battery life of 2-5 years.

    ● Strong anti-interference characteristics, the whole machine temperature characteristics are very good, the working temperature range is -30-70 degrees.

    ● Can be used as a single temperature, pressure, voltage regulator integrated wireless battery powered digital pressure gauge. Built-in alarm settings and panel alarm lights.

    ● Curve fitting technology calibrates temperature and pressure curves, perfect for pressure and temperature characteristics, and high stability.

    ●. Achieve high protection level above IP65, suitable for field occasions.

    ● Rich LCD display interface, display resolution can be adjusted, with power prompt, dynamic percentage display, temperature and pressure display switching, communication network signal status display, battery-powered digital pressure gauge group number, serial number display.

    ● Perfect user calibration support, through the panel buttons, users can recalibrate the battery-powered digital pressure gauge data without any auxiliary equipment, multiple data protection, even if the settings are wrong, the factory state can be restored.

    ●. Through the panel USB interface, you can set the battery-powered digital pressure gauge working status and factory-level calibration at any time.

    ● Support USB dynamic upgrade APP software, battery-powered digital pressure gauge upgrade, replacement protocol, change function can be upgraded directly in the field, no need to return to the factory. Professional calibration setup software support.

    ● User site button calibration function. Supports users to recalibrate battery-powered digital pressure gauges.

    ● A variety of application software hardware support, data transmission solutions, customer application software and hardware support.